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As a citizen of Indiana, you are served by a County Coroner who will treat every family with respect, dignity and compassion and investigate to determine the cause of death Particularly deaths that occur under unusual circumstances. The County Coroner is an elected official with many responsibilities, the foremost being the oversight of the investigation and certification of a variety of deaths within the Coroner's jurisdiction for legal or public health interest. The Coroner is required by law, to determine the cause, circumstances and manner of death for cases found to be under the Coroner's legal jurisdiction. The vast majority of coroner investigations are natural deaths, which include situations where there is no attending physician to sign the death certificate, sudden or unexpected deaths, or cases involving alcohol or other drugs of abuse. The Clinton County Coroner's Office strives to investigate all deaths in a professional manner. Our motto is "We represent the living but speak for the dead." In Latin that is "Civitatem Servamus Mortes Loquimur."

What we do:
  •Investigate deaths to determine Cause and Manner of Death.
  •The Coroner serves all Clinton County police agencies.
  •Deaths caused by diseases that may be public health threats.

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